2/18/2018 Shahnaz Shaikh Very professional ,did job in time
2/17/2018 Allison Payne Thanks for always being so helpful and answering all my questions!
2/15/2018 Brad Henderson excellent team
2/13/2018 Donny G. Solid local shop. So glad that I finally found an honest tech.
2/12/2018 Robert Milo The Auto Shop amazes me with its attention to detail. Trustworthy & dependable are two overused descriptions but in the case of the Auto Shop, they apply 100%.
2/12/2018 Douglas Edwards I just really appreciate The Auto Shop staff! What an operation! I came in on a Monday (probably one of there busiest days of the week) because I needed them to look at the plastic brace that protects the engine: it was sagging and dragging after I had run over something on the freeway. In minutes, the part was repaired and I was given assurance that the part would remain intact, and we could look at replacing the part in the near future. There was no charge.These people act with great integrity, consistency, and they have me as a devoted customer.
2/9/2018 Brent Fitzwater Went for an oil change and got more than that. They tell you what your car is going to need in the future, instead of trying to sell what it doesn't need. Quick for an oil change! Thank goodness!
2/8/2018 Helen Hoffman The shop came highly recommended and Sean ( and the crew) lived up to their reputation. Very honest and transparent. I will be a regular.
2/8/2018 Bobby Doan First time customer. Everyone was nice even though they were very busy. The communication was done very well...they explained the difference between an urgent safety repair vs. routine maintenance one. The prices seem very fair and competitive. The most important thing to me is that they're honest and upfront. I had a great experience & will definitely come back with my other 2 vehicles for service. Thanks!
2/7/2018 Joyce THE AUTO SHOP is very trustworthy. They perform outstanding and speedy services, truly care about and value their customers, and always provide great suggestions and recommendations.
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